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Normal Process (Obtain working visa in your country)
It usually takes at least 4 to 12 weeks to proceed your whole placement process.
A. Application Stage
At first , you fill out and submit the application form. Then you enclose your resume and photos. You can also apply to us through email by sending your resume and photo. Also, We need to know the place where you want to go in Korea.
B. The required documents
If you have chosen a school, you have to send the required documents to us by DHL or FedEx. The required documents are as below:
  1) Appostilled copy of Original Diploma
2) Appostilled National Criminal Background Check
3) The Original Signed Contract ( The Contract will be sent to you by email)
4) Health Statement Form ( We will provide you this form)
5) A Copy of your Passport Photo ID. Page.
6) 4 Recent passport sized color photos
7) Your recent resume ( including your Contact number and Address. )
C. Visa Process in Korea
As soon as we receive the required documents from you, we will then process your E2 work visa. Once this process is completed, a Visa Issuance letter will be sent to you directly from the school. It takes usually 7 or 10 days.
D. Obtain your visa in Korea Consulate in your country
You will need to get issued a visa stamp on your passport from the nearest Korean consulate. If the consulate is too far from your place you can use an air courier service.
E. The way to come to Korea
You will get a flight ticket from our travel agency or You will have to buy a flight ticket in advance ( The flight bill will be reimbursed as soon as you get the school.)
F. After getting to Korea
We will be waiting for you before you arrive Korean airport. Then we will take you to the school.