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Period of Employment
1. One year Contract
2. Working hours are Monday to Friday, eight hours per day
( Your schedule may vary from school to school and term to term. )
Salary: Your monthly salary will depend on your qualifications : Salary ranges from 1.8~ 3.0 Mil Won depending on your qualification and abilities.

1. Working hours : 20~30 hours per week mostly thru Mon to Fri. But Some schools works on weekends.( in this case salary must be high)

2. Overtime Payment : Approximately, 15,000~ 25,000 Kwon per hour

3. Settlement Allowance ( In the case of public School ): 300,000 kwon

4. Severance Pay: You will be paid one month’s salary as a severance payment if you complete your one- year contract, in accordance with the Labor Standards Act of Korea.
Airfare : Your flight to Korea is paid for by the employer, with special conditions attached: return airfare is provided upon completion of the contract.

Renewal airfare : Teachers that re-sign for a second year have their round trip” home leave” airfare paid for by the school.
1. Furnished housing is provided as a part of your remuneration and is arranged by the school. There are three housing options A leased house/ Apartment or A rented house or apartment. If a teacher already has his or her own housing ( or in the rare case that housing cannot be arranged by the school) a monthly rent subsidy of KRW 300,000~400,000 will be provided.

2. Furnishings will consist of a bed, a microwave, a refrigerator, a gas stove, a Kitchen table and chairs, a home phone, a wardrobe, a washing machine and a television, blankets, bowls, cups, utensils, etc. ( total aggregate value of KRW 2,000,000 )

3. Maintenance fees, utilities (gas, electricity, water) and other monthly expenses are the responsibility of the teacher.
Vacation and sick leave
1. Paid vacation: 5 days per a semester( total 10 days) plus all national holidays.

2. Special paid leave ( It depending on schools): Mostly for your marriage 7 days or in death in the family.
Health Insurance and other Deductions
1. Income Tax ; tax deductions will be made in accordance with Korean Law: you can expect your income tax rate to be 3.3 %( the tax rate is tied to one’s income level )

2. Pension fund: You must pay into Korea’s National pension fund: 9% of your salary per month ( your contribution is 4.5 % and your employer matches that with another 4.5 %; Citizens from certain countries may reclaim this pension payment at the end of their contract- currently only Americans and Canadians )

3. Medical/ Health Insurance: half your monthly fees for Korean National Health Insurance will be paid for by your employer.

4. Worker’s Compensation: Half your monthly fees for this deduction will be paid for by your employer